The Global Ranking System [Explanaitions and FAQ]

We split our servers into four different global ranking-systems: Beside these global ranking-systems, each gameserver has its own local ranking. The stats on a single gameserver will be reset regularly. Each time the stats are reset the Top100 will be awarded with global points, that count for the underlying global ranking-system.

The two rankings for the EU are: The Main Ranking EU provides the top players with Fame and Honor!

The Winter -=WaSe=- Winnings is running for a specific time (01.04.2018). At this time the Top10 players will be awarded with real CS:GO skins. Please read the extra Terms and Conditions for specific information.


1.: Where are my score? All my points at the server is gone.
--> The stats on a single gameserver will be reset regularly. If you have been in the Top100, you were rewarded with global points!

2.: What are those factors infront of the server-names?
-->A higher factor will provide more global points!

2.: Your rank was reset, but you didn't receive any points?
-->Please contact us! We try to find the problem. But currently we cannot guarantee that the plugin is working 100% correct!

If you have more questions, contact us in the -=WarmupServer=-steamgroup!