Sponsored [PRO] slots
at the -=WarmupServer=-™s

Please follow our @WarmupServer twitter account if requesting a [PRO] slot. Thanks!

Rule Explicit Definition
1st Major participants If you have played in one of the last three CS:GO Majors, you will get a completely free [PRO] slot!

HLTV-Ranking Top30 If you are currently playing for a team listed in the Top30 global HLTV-Ranking you will get a free [PRO] slot!

Loosing the slot! None of these slots are permanent! If you stop being in the active lineup of your team, dropped with your team in the HLTV-Ranking lower Top50 and haven't played in one of the last three Majors, we will remove your [PRO] slot.

Influencers and Streamers In general we stopped all free [PRO]/[VIP] slots for streamers and influencers! Contact @WarmupServer via twitter, if you want to help us with your popularity in twitter. We are interested in tweets including the IP to one of our servers and retweets of our Giveaways.

You don't get [PRO] for... ...a high ranking in our global -=WaSe=- ranking, a high ESEA rank or a high faceit rank. [PRO] is a protected status that you only get for winning officials!
(You need to match only the 1st or the 2nd requirement!)

Payed [PRO] slots
at the -=WarmupServer=-™s

Order [VIP], contact Daniel Sensenbringer, tell him, why you should get [PRO] and he will switch the [VIP] to [PRO].

Rule Explicit Definition
1st FPL-C You are player in the FPL!
2nd Top250 team In any official and global ranking your team needs to be listed in the Top250.
3rd Top1000 player In any official and global ranking you as player are ranked in the Top1000.
(You need to match only one of these requirements! But you don't get it for free.)