[PRO] slots are paid. [LEGEND] slots are sponsored. There are no free or sponsored [VIP] slots. Please read the following requirements for [PRO] and [LEGEND] slots if you are interested.

[LEGEND] slots

Please follow our @WarmupServer twitter account if you're requesting a [LEGEND] slot. You could get in touch with us by writing a tweet with: "Hey @warmupserver.". We will open a dm chat, if anything is unclear or missing. Your follow is helping us a little to grow our server community. Thank you!

Rule Explicit
1st current Major participants If you are qualified for the current, last or upcoming Major (Challenger Stage), you'll get a free slot!
2nd recent Legend Stage If you have finished with place 3rd-16th in one of the last three Majors, you'll get a free slot!
3rd three or more Majors played If your HLTV player profile is showing at least 3 Majors under the tab "Achievements" (Legend Stage), you'll get a free slot!
4th Major finalist If you have played in one Major final, you'll get a free slot!
(Slots will be removed if a requirement is no longer fullfilled! There are no free slots for anything else than Majors participations currently. If you are a tournament provider and want us to honor your winners, finalists, ... with a free slot, contact us at Twitter @WarmupServer or via mail at headadmin@warmupserver.net.)

Paid [PRO] slots

Order [VIP], contact us via @WarmupServer or via mail at headadmin@warmupserver.net.
Would be great if you help with providing links (hltv-, steam-, twitter- and faceit-profile). This proves you are fullfilling one of the requirements and you are the person you pretend to be!

Rule Explicit Definition
1st Faceit Pro League You are playing in the Faceit Pro League!
2nd ESEA Rank S You are playing ESEA Rank S!
3rd 3months in a Top200 team You have been playing the last three months in teams, that have been listed for this time in the HLTV.org Ranking Top200 or better.
4th Free Agent Before you've become a free agent, you have been playing for at least 3 months in teams, that have been listed in the HLTV.org Ranking Top100 or better.
(You need to match only one of these requirements. Don't forget, we can't provide this for free. You'll need to order [VIP] before. Big thanks for supporting us.)